During the run of Henry VI we have become interested in working out, if we were transported back in time and had to fight in the War of the Roses; which side we would be on according to our ancestral or geographical connections.

After a little bit of research we have come up with the following easy(ish) ways to work it out. Please note this is just a bit of fun and if you know of a more thorough way of working it out please let us know in the comments below.

If you want to take the geographical approach….

Roughly speaking the blue areas are Yorkist estates and the red areas are Lancastrian. If however, like me you are from an area coloured white (Somerset) then you might have to just pick your favourite colour, or decide to pledge allegiance to the next county.













Map of England and France from 1455-1485/94

If you prefer to pick your side according to your genealogy we have come across a few websites that might be helpful. You will be required to do a bit of searching round the sites but if you have the patience you may discover all sorts of interesting things. Please note you may have to pay for some of the services offered on these websites.

The International Society for British Genealogy and Family History

Some notes on Medieval English genealogy



Declare your allegiance

Once you’ve decided which side you are on don’t forget to add your team twibbon to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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More information on the Henry VI plays can be found here.





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