2 September 2011 

Our lovely Music Assistant, Ellie Cowan has left us (sob) but before she went she gave me an insight into what her job entails and how working on a new play differs from a Shakespeare production for the music department.

The music manager and I are here to ensure the music happens on each show and every ’office’ day is different which is what I like about the job.  The biggest continuity day to day is getting the stage ready for the production.  On most days there is a ‘turnaround’ where we change over the set up in the musicians gallery from the matinee into the evening show.  It is a logistical exercise –knowing where all the instruments are – and then a physical task – actually getting them in place.

When I am not carrying round drums I find myself doing various admin tasks from my computer like organising rehearsals, sourcing instruments and planning ahead for the next show.  In the run up to the opening of the show we have ‘tech week’ where we have technical rehearsals with the whole company, this is the time to put the show together on the Globe stage.  In tech week there is a lot of running round supporting the musicians and composer, my tasks may include anything from buying dinner to copying up cues on Sibelius.

The biggest difference between The God of Soho and a Shakespeare production for us has been that we are using a pre-existing band, rather than a band of musicians put together by the composer.  This production is contemporary and this can be seen in the instruments that are scored for.

It has been great fun. King Porter Stomp are really enthusiastic and energetic and are a real pleasure to be around.  We have had two band calls off site (in Brighton where they are based) as well as two on site. The band also spent time rehearsing with the actors. It was great to watch the band and actors come together in the songs.

It's a hard life as a Music Assistant!

It's a hard life as a Music Assistant!

King Porter Stomp bring a wonderful energy to the Globe creating a unique and positive dynamic to the creative process.  Chatting to Alex Silverman the composer it is clear that he has worked very collaboratively with the band to create ideas. The band already know each other really well and have established relationships with each other, this is something that doesn’t always happen here where musicians can find themselves sitting next to someone they’ve just met.  Alex and the band seem to work really well together to create some really funky tunes!

Thank you and Goodbye, we’ll miss you Ellie.