We are delighted to announce that Dr Sarah Dustagheer  has today received her PhD in her graduation ceremony.

She was the first student to be awarded a PhD in a joint venture between Shakespeare’s Globe and King’s College London. Sarah was supervised jointly by Dr Farah Karim-Cooper (Head of Courses & Research, Globe Education) and Professor Gordon McMullan (Kings). Sarah undertook her PhD after gaining a BA in English Language and Literature from St Anne’s College, Oxford University, and an MA in Shakespearean Studies at King’s College London and Shakespeare’s Globe.

Sarah was awarded her PhD for research in to the relationship between playwriting and theatre space in early modern London.

Sarah’s research focused on the unique position of the King’s Men in 1609 when this acting company, unlike any other in early modern London, began performing at two playhouses. In the summer they staged plays at the Globe, an amphitheatre on the South Bank of the Thames and, in the winter, they performed at the Blackfriars, an indoor playhouse situated near the heart of the City of London. Sarah looked at the effect these two very different playing spaces had on King’s Men’s playwrights, including Shakespeare.

The news of  Sarah’s success was also covered by the BBC.