The first week of the International Actor’s Fellowship has already flown by;  there are just  three weeks left. As you can imagine there is barely a minute to sit down with a schedule crammed with rehearsals, lectures, discussions and workshops, but Vanessa has found the time to reflect on what has happened so far. Read on to discover more about the processes that the actors go through.

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Performing on The Globe stage

“On Friday morning, all of us had the opportunity to perform short pieces of Shakespeare (in our own languages) on the Globe stage. It was very exciting to hear Shakespeare performed in such a wide range of languages, but also to experience the incredible talent, passion, daring and brilliance of the members of the Fellowship that I feel honoured to be part of. I performed a section from Lady Macbeth’s first scene, including the ‘Come Ye Spirits’ speech. It was a very powerful experience. Being able to see the sky and the clouds while calling on the spirits in that scene is pretty extraordinary, not to mention turning to address members of the audience seated all around the ‘Wooden O’. I did feel slightly overwhelmed by the power of that incredible space. It is great that the directors of the Fellowship, Raz and Bill, are giving us a few opportunities to perform on the Globe stage, prior to our final performance on Monday 7th October, as it gives us some time to get used to working on that magical stage.”