This year  twenty-one actors from around the world will embark on an intensive three week programme: the International Actor’s Fellowship. The Fellowship, led by directors Raz Shaw and Bill Buckhurst is a  professional development opportunity that concludes with a showcase performance to an invited audience on the Globe stage.

Find out more about the programme here.

Vanessa O’Neill, from Australia is  keeping a blog of the experience, beginning with the background to how she raised the money to attend the course. Below is a short extract from her second entry that documents her first day. We will be regularly posting from Vanessa’s blog to give you a taste of what happens on the International Actor’s Fellowship.

“We were led through Stage Door, to the backstage area to wait before walking onto The Globe stage together as a company. Our leader in this ritual was the wonderful Glynn MacDonald, Globe Associate and Movement Director. Glynn is known as ‘Mother Globe’. She has been the resident Director of Movement on all Globe productions since 1997. I doubt my words can do her justice. But she is as cheeky, unpredictable, wise, irreverent, profound, insightful and lively as the greatest of Shakespeare’s heroines. Glynn beat a drum as we walked in unison onto the stage. She urged us to be present, to acknowledge all of the different parts of the stage – the beautifully decorated Heavens above us, and the planks of the wooden stage below us, beneath which flows the Thames. Glynn encouraged us to begin to make contact with the different parts of the audience as we moved onto the stage. I have stood as a groundling in the audience of The Globe on three separate occasions, but being on the stage itself is something else. It is a truly magical space. The view from the stage is utterly breathtaking. The design is pure genius. The connection with the audience is incredibly intimate, even though The Globe has a capacity to hold 1,500 people.”

You can read the post in full on Vanessa’s personal blog.