7th April 2011 




Hello, I’m Bethan Walker, and I’ll be blogging with some of the other actors about this Globe production / staged reading  of the Bible!

My first theatre job was actually with the Globe, back in 2008 in Jonathan Munby’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Lucy Bailey’s Timon of Athens (the one with all the aerial rope work) – complete polar opposites, which I loved. And since then I was in another Globe Midsummer as Puck, which toured over two summers and was an extraordinary experiences.


As soon as I heard about the Globe’s plans to stage a reading of the entire Bible, I told my agent it sounded like something that I would love to be involved in. It’s an amazing thing to be part of, and I’ve read a lot of the Bible. Someone asked on the first day of rehearsals if any of us have ever read the entire thing, and I am not sure that I can quite claim that, but I have read a lot of it as a personal thing and I do love it. I had a good look through all my chapters (I couldn’t help it – typical actor!). Naturally, my first ten to twelve pieces at the beginning of the Old Testament are very, very heavy and wordy. And I know that every actor in the company has something similar for the first few times they’re on stage! But then I have some really beautiful pieces later on – bits from the book of Samuel and the beginning of the Psalms of David, which are gorgeous. I am really looking forward to them coming up.

There’s a lot of it I don’t understand, but there’s a lot I have got out of reading the Bible over the years and I think it will be very interesting looking at it on a slightly more academic and performance level over the next few weeks. I am not a scholar at all but it I can’t wait to go right back to basics and start with Genesis – not something you do that often in so much depth.