There are many exciting developments happening regarding the planning of, and physical work on the indoor Jacobean Theatre. This is an introduction to a new blog series by Neil Vallelly on the subject of light and lighting in early modern theatrical practice. Neil presents a particular focus on the lighting of indoor theatres and the ways in which light came to be represented through language on the early modern stage, especially in the work of Shakespeare.

Addressed throughout this series will be questions such as: how was light created? How were indoor and outdoor spaces lit? How did the experience of day-time and night-time differ in the early modern period?
The series will move from questions surrounding the meaning of light and the lighting of early modern theatres through to more practical observations of the lighting experiments in our completed indoor Jacobean Theatre.

Neil is studying for his PHD at University of Otago, New Zealand, in conjuction with Shakespeare’s Globe. His thesis is co-supervised by Professor Evelyn Tribble, University of Otgao and Dr Farah Karim-Cooper, Head of Courses and Research at Shakespeare’s Globe. Follow Neil’s tweets @NeilVallelly.