1st August 2011 

We caught up with William Ash, who is playing Jesus in this production, to find out how he was approaching the role and what he thinks about performing on the Globe stage.

I’m playing Jesus and approaching him as a real human being – someone who’s fallible, fragile.

One of the fascinating things about the play is the father-son relationship, which is Jesus and God. I’m exploring the truth of that kind of relationship, rather than imagining it being ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’.  It’s just a father and a son; I am looking at the pressure Jesus is put under from his father, asking him to do something for him that will cause him a lot of anguish and pain. For me, that’s what it’s about, and how he comes out the other side of that as a rite of passage journey.

I’ve never performed at the Globe before; this is my first time so I’m very excited. I’ve seen plays there, and just being part of the audience is a thrilling experience because you really feel included in the production and part of that experience because of the uniqueness of the space and the proximity of the people standing. I’m really looking forward to experiencing that.