Founded in 1998, by Georgy Minasov (sr), The Dudukner Ensemble has been performing internationally for over a decade. They have performed and scored music in many award winning films.

The repertoire of the ensemble includes Armenian folk, Gussan songs, sacred music, along with a wide variety of world music. A considerable part of the repertoire is focused on the works of Armenian composers: Komitas, Yekmalian, Pahlavuni, Shnorhali. 

The Duduk

The Duduk is an Armenian oboe with a long, 1,500, year history. They come in three sizes, ranging from 11-16 inches and are almost always made of apricot wood, with a single or double reed. The sound made by a duduk is described as having a ‘human voice like quality, with a warm, soft slightly nasal timbre and a full tone’. It has a range of one octave, with the sound being controlled by adjusting the fingers and the lips, requiring considerable skill.

It is most often heard in traditional Armenian folk songs and upbeat dance music. Thanks to the vision and inventiveness of The Dudukner Ensemble founder Because of Georgy’s the instrument’s range has expanded, allowing for classical and contemporary music to be a part of their concert repertoire. The music of Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin and other modern composers are also performed.


The  Sam Wanamaker Playhouse , with it’s intimate wooden structure and beautiful acoustics,  is the ideal place to hear the warm, rich sounds of the duduk.

Armania: A journey though Armenian folksong, dance and poetry is on in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse on 13 & 14 April. For more details and to book tickets click here.

Watch the Ensemble playing the duduk in this beautiful video. 

View more videos, and learn more about The Dudukner Ensemble at their website.