Naked men with long tongues

It was my third show on the 24th of April and I already have the feeling that this festival is going to be  more than amazing. Coming over from Germany to attend this festival and to see so many different kinds of plays is splendid. Ngakau Toa who performed “Troilus and Cressida” in Maori made my day.

I met one of the actors from Ngakau Toa when he was getting a coffee at the bar. I was a bit confused because he was just wearing a shirt and a towel!  Now after having seen the show I know that he probably was already painted for the performance. This leads me to the whole play – I was quite afraid at the beginning of the show– the guys in their traditional clothes, painted, with weapons frightened me a lot. It was pretty amazing to see a play starting like this. It was the first time I had ever heard Maori. And the first time seeing tongues which are so long!

I have seen actors in suits performing Shakespeare. I have seen actors in traditional Elizabethan Theatre costumes performing Shakespeare, but I have never seen Troilus played in nothing but traditional pants (which are quite skimpy) and with tattoos all over his leg. Until now. I thought it was really impressive to see a play written by Shakespeare, work out just as well when it is adapted to another culture.

Great audience – lots of laughter – having a camp Pandarus on stage – I couldn’t refrain from laughing.
-Elyn Friedrichs