Bollywood on the Globe Stage

On the 27th of May at 2.30 the Globe Stage was equal to the set of a Bollywood Film. And not only the stage. Twelfth Night was performed in Hindi by  Company Theatre in a musical style,  or should I say a  Bollywood version of a musical . An amazing funny version of an already funny play.

Yesterday the other Young Directors and I met the cast for a drink. They were really excited and happy to be here. Their wish, that there should be no rain, came nearly true. During our chat we found out that one of the actors, the guy who played the narrator and Sebastian has also translated the play. He pointed this fact out, quite clearly, during one of his scenes. He mentioned that only Shakespeare gets the praise for his wonderful words but rarely the translator. This has now changed as he received thunderous applause.

We were treated to a wonderful battle scene. Instead of fighting on stage we were able to see and hear a song duel which we supported by clapping our hands.

One was not able to miss the fact that there were more Hindi speakers in the audience than non-Hindi speakers. The company received lots of laughter were I didn’t understand the actual words but it didn’t matter because it was a brilliant funny version of Twelfth Night.
-Elyn Friedrichs