Welcome to the new Shakespeare’s Globe blog!

We’ve run blogs in the past for specific production and events, and over the past few months, have realised that we’d like to post more regularly about what’s going on at the Globe. So we’ve been working to create this area of our website dedicated to weekly updates about productions, events, education, research and the general life of the theatre. We aim to be bring you interviews with actors, insights into the once-in-a-lifetime festival that is Globe to Globe, updates on the history and development of the indoor Jacobean theatre, profiles on staff and what it’s like working here, and much, much more. There will be entries from regular contributors, such as our Library & Archive team, as well as guest posts from cast, creatives, practitioners and academics.

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We’ve also worked to transfer the previous blogs over to this new platform, so make sure you look back at our past posts, discussion and articles on the Bible, The Globe Mysteries and The God of Soho.

Ryan and Sian
Team Digital