Word of the Week: ‘Bawcock’ (n.) – [fine bird] fine fellow, good chap

Why, that’s my bawcock. What? Hast smutched thy nose?
They say it is a copy out of mine.’
[Leontes to Mamillius]
The Winter’s Tale I.ii

Voiced by Maggie Tildesley

Behind The Voice:
Maggie is our Southwark Community Projects Manager. She has been working hard on the Our Theatre project, a celebration of the creativity and achievements of Southwark’s students and teachers.

Seven mainstream and Special Educational Needs schools from Southwark have been working with Globe Education practitioners over fifteen weeks to devise and rehearse a section of The Winter’s Tale. These schools are coming together on Thursday 7 March at 1.00pm to present their shared vision of the play in an ensemble production on the Globe stage.

Click here more information on Our Theatre.

Maggie’s favourite Shakespeare play is, of course, The Winter’s Tale.