This week’s Word of the Week welcomes the Henry VI tour to the Globe. It is voiced by Slye, one of the Beasts of Shakespeare’s Globe, who can be found inhabiting the new Globe Playground.

Word of the Week: ‘Guileful’ (adj.) – full of guile, deceitful, devious

‘Amongst the soldiers this is muttered:
That here you maintain several factions,
And whilst a field should be dispatched and fought,
You are disputing of your generals.
One would have ling’ring wars, with little cost;
Another would fly swift, but wanteth wings;
A third thinks, without expense at all,
By guileful fair words peace may be obtained.
Awake, awake, English nobility!
Let not sloth dim your honours new-begot.’
Henry VI, I.i

Voiced by Slye

Behind The Voice:
Slye says “I’m the writer in our troop, and one day I’ll plot a way to perform as the Hero too! Some of the Beasts think I’m a bit of a trickster, but really it’s just because I’m the smartest one.”