Word of the Week: Questant (n.) – seeker, searcher, someone engaged in a quest

‘No, no, it cannot be; and yet my heart
Will not confess he owes the malady
That doth my life besiege. Farewell, young lords;
Whether I live or die, be you the sons
Of worthy Frenchmen: let higher Italy,—
Those bated that inherit but the fall
Of the last monarchy,—see that you come
Not to woo honour, but to wed it; when
The bravest questant shrinks, find what you seek,
That fame may cry you loud: I say, farewell.’
All’s Well That Ends Well II.i

Voiced by Pam Humpage

Behind The Voice:
Pam is Head of Wigs—our perruquier par excellence, if you will. She tells us that she’s rather a fan of facial hair, and particularly fond of November due to the number of Movember mo’s that begin to creep their way on to the lips of male colleagues and friends.