Word of the Week: Urchin-snouted (adj.) – having a nose like that of a hedgehog, or having a goblin-like, demoniac snout.

‘But this foul, grim, and urchin-snouted boar,
Whose downward eye still looketh for a grave,
Ne’er saw the beauteous livery that he wore;
Witness the entertainment that he gave:
If he did see his face, why then I know
He thought to kiss him, and hath kill’d him so.’
Venus and Adonis 1105-1110

Voiced by Eleanor Lovegrove

Behind The Voice:
Eleanor has been Press and PR Officer for Globe Education for the past two years and sadly leaves us this week. She will be missed… as will the yummy chocolate truffles, which are a specialty of hers.

Her favourite Shakespeare play is Twelfth Night and her favourite Shakespearean character is Hermia.