The Word of the Week is ‘peregrinate’ meaning to travel from country to country. This is of particular significance this week as we have just launched our Hamlet Globe to Globe website, where you can follow the cast on their two year tour to every country in the world. Explore the new website here.

Word of the Week: ‘Peregrinate’ (v.) Travel or wander from place to place

Novi hominem tanquam te: his humour is lofty, his
discourse peremptory, his tongue filed, his eye
ambitious, his gait majestical, and his general
behavior vain, ridiculous, and thrasonical. He is
too picked, too spruce, too affected, too odd, as it
were, too peregrinate, as I may call it.

Love’s Labour’s Lost, V, i

Voiced by Will Tosh

Will is the Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Shakespeare’s Globe